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Which hammock stand do you need?

Measure the total length, including cords, of your hammock. This is the minimum length that you need for the stand. The length is specified for each hammock stand.

A wooden or a metal hammock stand?

A wooden hammock stand is sustainable and naturally looks super cool! However, they are somewhat heavier and therefore more difficult to move. If you're after something light and nifty, then a metal hammock stand is probably a better choice. Whatever material you choose, there's no doubt that a hammock stand makes using a hammock even easier and more convenient. First of all, you're no longer dependent on having 2 suspension points, like trees, exactly the right distance apart. It's super easy to hang your hammock, so you can start using it much more quickly.

As well, a hammock stand allows you to easily move your hammock with the sun or shade!

Wooden hammock stands

We have four popular wooden hammock stands in our range. Each hammock stand is made from 100% FSC certified wood sourced from well-managed Scandinavian forests. These hammock stands are an asset to any garden!

Because a hammock wears out faster than a hammock stand, the best thing to do is to get the largest hammock stand you possibly can. You then have more choice when it comes to choosing a replacement hammock later on. That's why the 'Wood' Single, 'Wood' Double and 'Wood' Family are our best sellers.

Are you after something luxurious? Then choose the 'Larch' Premium as your hammock stand. The differences between the Larch hammock stand and the Wood stands are the material and the coating. The 'Larch' is made of larch wood instead of pine: larch wood is durable, waterproof and very strong.
The coating of the 'Larch' is also different. Where the pine stand has a coating to make the wood weather-resistant, the Larch stand has been given an extra coating to preserve the wood for even longer.

Metal hammock stands

Of course, our range also features the widely sold metal hammock stands. We have these in two models.

The 'Easy' hammock stand is very easy to assemble using pipes that slot together and is therefore ideal for taking on a holiday. The 'Easy' hammock stand comes in three sizes: 'Easy' Single, 'Easy' Double and 'Easy' Family. A good hammock stand for a very competitive price.

The 'Arc' hammock stand is a beautifully curved hammock stand. The 'Arc' is more expensive but is also very sturdy. The hammock stand has thicker pipes and a durable scratch-resistant coating. The 'Arc' is also available in three sizes: 'Arc' Single, 'Arc' Double and 'Arc' Family.

Have you ever thought about this?

There's often one tree or one wall that you can hang the hammock from. However, it's not always possible to find a second point. The 'Madera' solves this problem. You anchor the stand in the ground with a pin and voilà, you now have a second tree or wall, ready to hang the hammock on.

When ordering the hammock stand, you can also order extra fixings so that if you're only taking the hammock with you (for example on a holiday), you'll be able to hang the hammock easily. Extra hammock fixings aren't necessary per se; each hammock stand is always supplied complete.

The correct length of the hammock stand?

When choosing the right hammock stand, you need to know the total length of the hammock (including the ropes). As an example, if the total length is 4 metres, you'll need a stand with a suspension length of at least 400 cm.

All hammock stands have adjustable chains so you can hang your hammock a little more loosely or tightly.

Are you ordering a hammock as well?
Then go to the product page of your chosen hammock, and it will show you the most suitable hammock stand for that hammock.