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Hanging Chair Single 'Sereno' Black
Hanging Chair Single 'Macramé' Black
Hanging Chair Single 'Salvora' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Tura' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Gomera' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Lobos' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Cabrera' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Minorca' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Ferro' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Ibiza' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Isla' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Multi' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Pine' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Rustic' Single
Hanging Chair Single 'Rainbow' Basic
Hanging Chair Single 'Organic' Yellow
Hanging Chair Single 'Organic' Blue
Hanging Chair Single 'Organic' Red
Hanging Chair Single 'Organic' Green
Hanging Chair Single 'Organic' Mocca
Hanging Chair Single 'Organic' Jeans
Hanging Chair Single 'Organic' Natura
Hanging Chair Single 'Rope' Black
Hanging Chair Single 'Rope' Natura
Hanging Chair Single 'Comfort' Smoke
Hanging Chair Single 'Comfort' Black
Hanging Chair Single 'Comfort' Bordeaux
Hanging Chair Single 'Comfort' Black White
Hanging Chair Single 'Comfort' Pearl
Hanging Chair Single 'Comfort' White
Hanging Chair Single 'Chill' Calm
Hanging Chair Single 'Chill' Joyful
Hanging Chair Single 'Chill' Love
Hanging Chair Single 'Chill' Happy
Hanging Chair Single 'Premium' Cherry
Hanging Chair Single 'Premium' Lemon
Hanging Chair Single 'Premium' Melon
Hanging Chair Double 'Luxe' Black
Hanging Chair Double 'Luxe' White
Hanging Chair Double 'Refresh' Cocktail
Hanging Chair Double 'Refresh' Bordeaux
Hanging Chair Double 'Refresh' Rainbow
Hanging Chair Double 'Black Edition' Gold
Hanging Chair Double 'Black Edition' Mint
Hanging Chair Double 'Black Edition' Rose
Hanging Chair Double 'DeLuxe' Black
Hanging Chair Double 'DeLuxe' White
Hanging Chair Single 'Mexico' Tropical
Hanging Chair Single 'Mexico' Fuego
Hanging Chair Single 'Mexico' Rainbow
Cover 'Egg' Black

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Have a look at all the hanging chairs. Choose between a single or double hanging chair.

The page for each hanging chair also lists the corresponding fixings, suitable stands and any great value hanging chair + stand combination sets. New: comfy cushions to put in your hanging chair.

Why a hanging chair?

Hanging chairs are the best way to relax while sitting.

Sit back and relax in your hanging chair with a book and a cocktail. Order your hammock chair today and you can start enjoying your hammock chair very soon! Free delivery and free returns apply to all our hanging chairs.

Can't decide between getting a hanging chair or a hammock?

Hanging chairs have gained enormous popularity in a short period of time. Which isn't so strange when you consider that a hanging chair takes up a lot less space than a hammock, making it well suited for use in your home or on your balcony.

Also, a hanging chair only has one suspension point, which makes it easy to hang it in multiple places. The hanging chair fits perfectly under any roof canopy, porch or pergola.

Your hanging chair is the perfect spot to read a book or just sit back and relax. A hanging chair combines the relaxation of a hammock and the more active posture of a chair in 1 product - the best of both worlds!

Hanging chairs are the trend of the moment!

If you look around, you'll see them springing up more and more often. Hanging chairs already seem to be the trend this summer.
Which makes perfect sense, as a hanging chair allows you to sit like a king and brings you almost immediately into zen mode.

The great thing about the hanging chair is that it combines the relaxation of a hammock with the slightly more active posture of sitting in a chair. This makes the hanging chair ideal for sipping a drink or reading a book. Sleeping in a hanging chair isn't quite so practical! The hammock may be a better choice for that.

Another advantage of a hanging chair is that it takes up relatively little space compared to a hammock. It only has 1 suspension point, which is located directly above the hanging chair. This means that you can quickly and easily hang the hanging chair in many different places. For example, easily hang it from a branch of a tree, or from a beam under your roof canopy or porch.

A hanging chair provides wonderful moments of relaxation and creates a cosy, informal atmosphere.

Those are just two of the reasons that more and more companies are ordering hanging chairs. Hanging chairs are the perfect seating to use in creative meeting rooms. Brainstorming is no longer an issue, because inspiration comes quickly when you enter a circle of hanging chairs.

Take the hanging chair on holiday

The hanging chair is a wonderful product to take with you on a camping trip. It weighs next to nothing and there's always room to tuck it somewhere among what you've packed.
You can find a suspension point anywhere and start relaxing in no time. Hang out in the shade of a tree. Put your feet up and enjoy your idyllic getaway.

Hanging a hanging chair

As mentioned, the hanging chair only has 1 suspension point. Directly above the hanging chair is a ring for attaching a chain, rope, spring or carabiner. You can then hang it on a branch, beam or from your ceiling and settle into your comfortable seat.

The best height for a hanging chair is at least 30 to 40 centimetres off the ground. Not lower, because the fabric of the hanging chair stretches slightly when you sit in it. The hanging chair shouldn't hang much higher, either. The best position is when your legs can reach the floor when you stretch them slightly. Like digging your heels into sand at the beach, perhaps.

Which hanging chair is the best?

Of course, this depends on the individual. Some people like it when a hanging chair hugs close around you and offers a lot of support. Nevertheless, the hanging chairs that always receive the most enthusiastic reactions are the ones that are slightly wider and more spacious. Our conclusion is: The more spacious the hanging chair, the more comfortable you'll be.

Give a hanging chair as a gift

If you want to give an original gift for a birthday or wedding, for instance, a hanging chair is a perfect choice. For one thing, the prices are reasonable, but beyond that, you'll receive a really enthusiastic response from the recipient. In summer in particular, it's nice to give a present that can be used outside. You can buy a hanging chair very easy and it will be delivered (free delivery) very soon.

Ordering a hanging chair

Ordering a hanging chair from Hammock Giant couldn't be easier: First, choose from the wide range of hanging chairs, then enter your address, choose a payment option (including options to pay later) and your hanging chair will be delivered to you very fast! With free delivery, of course...

Want to try out the hanging chair first?

Still not sure whether you want a hammock or a hanging chair?
Or have you already made up your mind, but you'd like to test the chair thoroughly first? No problem!

You can give it a whirl at our showroom in Dedemsvaart, Overijssel The Netherlands.
All hanging chairs are in stock here. You can try out every single one of the hanging chairs you like.

We can also show you how easy it is to hang a hanging chair!

For answers to questions or for more information about a specific hanging chair, you can contact us via phone, chat or email.