Hammock with Single Stand 'Easy & Classic' Black (Black)

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  • Hammock with Single Stand
  • Tropilex donates 1% of each sale to preserve our planet!
  • 120 kg
  • Polycotton

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Tropilex hammocks from Colombia have many advantages over other brands, so we HammockGiant.com strongly advise you to choose one from the Tropilex range.

Thicker fabric that can cope with a spot of rain

This hammock's fabric is made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, and woven up to 20% thicker than other brands!

The lovely, soft character of this hammock reflects the cotton used and the special patterns.

The polyester threads in the fabric stop the cotton from stretching too much. These hammocks can also be left outside in a shower without any problems. However, we do recommend that you always dry the hammock and store it when you're not using it.

The fabric is woven up to 20% thicker than the fabric used in other hammocks, which not only makes it more comfortable, it's also stronger and lasts longer.

Extra suspension ropes

Colombian hammocks spread out more easily, because they use more suspension ropes. That makes them a lot more comfy to lie on, as your weight is spread better over all the ropes.

In addition, the ropes are not sewn to the hammock fabric, but emerge directly from the fabric itself.  This gives the hammock more charm, and reduces the chance of snapping by up to 30%.

Open suspension loop and larger surface

The suspension loop is an open-loop type, which makes it easier to hang the hammock.

The fabric also has a larger surface area than most other brands, without this increasing the total length of the hammock. That makes it better suited to Europeans.

Made and finished by hand

To ensure the very best results, the fabric is woven on special machines, which results in zero error margins and guaranteed quality.

Then, the real craftsmanship begins. The large piece of fabric is first carefully cut to size. Instead of sewing suspension ropes into the hammock fabric, both ends of the fabric are first unravelled 30 cm, and the resulting threads braided into ropes. The suspension ropes are then manually knotted to these protruding ropes (also called 'cadejo').

The cadejo gives the hammock the handmade look it deserves, but even more importantly it results in extra strength and a hammock that opens up more easily.

Matching storage bag/shopping bag

Every Tropilex hammock is supplied with a matching storage bag, ideal for when you're not using your hammock. The bag for hammocks without spreader bars can even be used as a fun shopping bag!

Made with love and care in Colombia

Tropilex hammocks are made in Colombia, the spiritual home of the hammock!

Tropilex pays a fair price for its hammocks and monitors the working conditions, helping this growing development region to prosper with every hammock purchased.

Smooth, sleek design

The 'Easy' hammock stand is an extremely sound design, and can support up to 120 kg!

Easy to assemble without tools. The newly developed powder coating for metal protects it from the weather.  We do, however, recommend storing the hammock stand in a dry place if it's not going to be used for a longer period.

The hammock stand can be adjusted with the supplied chains. We supply this hammock stand in three sizes: single, double, and family. HammockGiant.com available for delivery directly from stock!

Size and maximum weight

The 'Easy' hammock stand is available in 3 sizes.

 'Easy' single Hammock stand
Suitable for all single hammocks HammockGiant.com and hammocks with a total length of 290 to 340 cm. The maximum weight it can support is 120 kg.

 'Easy' double Hammock stand
Suitable for all double hammocks HammockGiant.com and hammocks with a total length of 330 to 370 cm. The maximum weight it can support is 150 kg.

 'Easy' family hammock stand
Suitable for all family hammocks HammockGiant.com and hammocks with a total length of 360 to 400 cm. The maximum weight it can support is 180 kg.


Model Hammock with Single Stand
Brand Tropilex ®
Charity Tropilex donates 1% of each sale to preserve our planet!
Color Black
Free storage bag Yes - Can also be used as a bag
Matching pillow Available (not included)
Matching blanket Tilgængelig (ikke inkluderet)
Packaging 145 x 27,5 x 16 cm
Capacity 120 kg
Material Polycotton
Weight 17.7 kg
Weave density 320 g/m²
Canvas length 200 cm
Canvas width 140 cm
Total length 340 cm
Total width 105 cm
Total height 120 cm
Material Stand Metal
Adjustable Yes (Chain)


Customer reviews

Most recent review

Great quality and quick to setup
Hammock and stand are of great quality and quick to set up. Good color, strong, adjustable, and worth the price. It brought so much fun to our yard!
Meet my Expectations
It's properly packed. The item is durable, it can hold me and my son without trouble. It's good for star-gazing at night.
Super product, relax, and good quality.
Outstanding service!
As a present for my hubby, a hammock for his birthday, the hammock with Father's Day the hammock stands. Very fast delivery and easy to order via the site. The dimensions turned out to be wrong; the hammock stand was too small for the hammock. This is completely resolved with good service! A New Hammock Stand was immediately delivered, and then the old hammock stand was picked up again. Everything proactively arranged from the customer service. Really great! We Did Not Have to arrange anything for this. And the hammock is wonderful!
Fantastic hammock! Recommended For Everyone
I recently ordered the hammock set from the hammock giant. We actually wanted to buy a hammock for a long time, but hanging it up was a problem. In addition, the separate stands are pricey and often take up a lot of space. At the hammocks giant we found what we were looking for for a great price. The delivery actually went quite fast despite May 5th. The stand turned out to be very easy to assemble and is robust and strong. The hammock fits in perfectly. We had ordered a confirmation set, but it is not necessary. The hammock itself is 2. 40 long and 1. 50 wide, so you can also lie transversely, which is very pleasant. In any case, we are very happy with it, and it is already widely used. In short; a super hammock with a stand for a nice price that offers a lot of comforts. The site is very clear. Payments went smoothly, and delivery was fast.


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