Hammock Stand Family 'Wicker' Retour artikel (Brown)

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  • Stand
  • 450 cm
  • 200 kg
  • Rattan
  • Brown
  • Tropilex ®
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Key Features
Model Hammock Stand Family
Brand Tropilex ®
Charity Tropilex donates 1% of each sale to preserve our planet!
Weight 31.5 kg
Color Brown
Packaging 183 x 40 x 47 cm + 135 x 40 x 20 cm
Capacity 200 kg
Material Rattan
Total Length 450 cm
Total width 135 cm
Total height 148 cm
Ideal hammock length 370 - 450 cm

This is a return item!

Sometimes, we have HammockGiant.com an example of this popular product available that we can no longer sell as new because it has been returned and the box is damaged, or it has minimal signs of use because the product has been tried out. These products are therefore sold with an extra discount.

Please remember, this product will be sent to you in a damaged or non-original box, and may show minimal signs of use.

The 'Wicker' hammock stand is one of a kind!

This enormous 'Wicker' hammock stand is suitable for all the family hammocks in our e-store.

A beautiful rattan hammock stand for family hammocks. If you look carefully, you'll see that the rattan isn't uniform in colour, so every hammock stand is slightly different and very special.

This hammock stand can support up to 200 kg!

Easy to assemble with two people. Very solid material. We do, however, recommend storing the hammock stand in a dry place if it's not going to be used for a longer period.

The hammock stand can be adjusted with the supplied chains. This stand is suitable for family hammocks with a total length of 380 to 440 cm.

You need to know the total length of the hammock, including the ropes, to choose the right stand for your hammock. For example, if the total length is 4 metres, you'll need a stand at least 4 metres long. Nearly all hammock stands have adjustable chains, so you can hang your hammock a little more loosely or tightly.

Size and maximum weight

The 'Wicker' hammock stand is available in a single size. The stand is suitable for all family hammocks HammockGiant.com and hammocks with a total length of 380 to 440 cm. The maximum weight it can support is 200 kg.

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