Cover 'Egg' Black (Black)

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  • Parachute Fabric

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The rain cover for the Tropilex "Egg" hanging chair with stand has been specifically created for it.

Crafted from water-repellent parachute fabric, this cover offers dependable protection for your hanging chair in heavy rain. The bottom cord can be tightened for a tighter seal, and the cover also features clips on the outside to anchor the chair and prevent it from being carried away by the wind.

It is recommended to store the hanging chair and stand during the fall and winter seasons as the rain cover is not designed to withstand harsh cold weather.

Please note: The rain cover is meant to be placed over the hanging chair stand and is therefore only compatible with the Tropilex "Egg" hanging chair stand.

Can it be used with other hanging chairs that come with stands?

Yes, but the fit may not be perfect. Additionally, if the hanging chair has a wider spreader bar, the cover may appear bulkier.


Model Cover
Brand Tropilex ®
Charity Tropilex donates 1% of each sale to preserve our planet!
Color Black
Matching pillow Yes (included)
Packaging 10 x 10 x 4 cm
Material Parachute Fabric
Weight 1 kg
Total length 80 cm
Total width 80 cm
Total height 200 cm


  • Cover 'Egg' Black
    Cover 'Egg' Black