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Naya Nayon If you're planning on buying a Naya Nayon hammock, it might be
nice to know where the hammock now comes from and who crafted it.

Naya Nayon hammocks come from Ecuador (South America), where the hammocks are produced in a fair and sustainable way. Therefore each Naya Nayon hammock has a special story.

The Otavalo Indians

The hammocks are made in northern Ecuador by the Otovalo Indians, an Indian tribe that has been renowned for the quality of its weaving for over 500 years. Since 2000, the hammocks have been made exclusively by family businesses of Otovalo Indians.

The hammocks are crafted in the region around Otovalo in the north of the Andes of Ecuador.

Naya Nayon and quality

The hammocks are really colourful and there is lots of variation in the colours. As well as being colourful, these hammocks are also made to be extra sturdy. Naya Nayon's hammocks often weigh between 30% and 50% more than any other hammock. This is because extra thread is used to ensure their strength. That's why their hammocks also last many times longer and provide more comfort.

Every Naya Nayon hammock is a high quality hammock. And each hammock is checked separately and manually. A Naya Nayon hammock is a hammock that will last for years and give you lots of pleasure.
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