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The best La Siesta hammocks | Largest collection of La Siesta

La Siesta hammocks and hanging chairs are known for their cheerful and usually bright colours. But the high quality of La Siesta products is another reason why so many people choose La Siesta.

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La Siesta - Traditional weaving technique

La Siesta's South American hammock classics are still handcrafted using traditional techniques, such as the typical "Cadejos" of Colombia or the Brazilian "Veranda". In Mexico, La Siesta uses a knotting technique that is more than 200 years old, the "Mallas".

When producing La Siesta hammocks and hanging chairs, special attention is paid to the fabric of the lying surface. Thanks to the special weaving techniques, the fabric is very soft but also strong enough for frequent use.

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La Siesta - Brands

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