Fatboy hammock: 5 reasons not to choose Fatboy

A Fatboy hammock is popular. Not surprising, because on the outside it is a beautiful hammock and it has a brand reputation. However, there are a lot of disadvantages to a Fatboy hammock. We will list them for you.

Price tag of the Fatboy hammock

A Fatboy hammock is very beautiful. But did you know that a Fatboy hammock is up to twice as expensive as a classic hammock with stand? Accessories belonging to the Fatboy hammock, such as cushions and covers, are also much more expensive than with other hammock brands. Take the classic hammocks of Tropilex. Honestly produced, self-imported and made with love and care from the best quality materials. Yet you spend half the price of a Fatboy hammock!

Not waterproof

A Fatboy hammock is not waterproof. Moreover, the fabric is padded, so it can take two days before a wet hammock is dry. You can buy a water-repellent cover with the Fatboy hammock, but of course this comes with a heavy price tag. That makes such a hammock suddenly a lot less comfortable, don't you think?

A normal hammock dries much quicker and is easier to hang out. So with a normal hammock you can enjoy it again much faster after a rainstorm..

Limited flexibility due to non-adjustable hammock stand

Hanging your hammock in an idyllic spot on a tropical beach or in the garden between two trees is impossible with the Fatboy hammock. A Fatboy hammock is always supplied with a stand. Moreover, the stand is not adjustable. This does not exactly contribute to a comfortable hammock experience. With classic hammocks, such as those from Tropilex, you choose whether you use a stand and if so, how high you adjust it. That gives real freedom!

Stand can only be used for a Fatboy hammock

A Fatboy hammock wears out faster than a Fatboy hammock stand. If you want to reuse the hammock stand, you should always buy a new Fatboy hammock. A hammock from another brand does not fit in the hammock stand, although it often lasts longer. Therefore it’s not a sustainable solution.

The hammock stands of Tropilex are always adjustable by a chain and can be used with different hammocks and brands!

The hammocks from Tropilex, on the other hand, are as durable as possible. Tropilex consciously chooses materials with a long life span and of high quality. Moreover, Tropilex keeps a close eye on the production process in Latin America by visiting the factories themselves, paying attention to working conditions and double-checking the quality. That is just a little bit nicer!

The Fatboy hammock has a limited range of colours

A Fatboy hammock is available in a limited number of colours. But do you really want to show off? Then choose a classic hammock by Tropilex, for example. Whether you go for a plain colour or just happy with stripes with cheerful names such as Blueberry, Cherry or Fire: the variation is enormous.

If are you thinking about buying a Fatboy hammock, then we hope you now know that a classic hammock is not such a bad idea at all!

Below are the hammocks we would recommend as an alternative to the Fatboy hammock:

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